Naughty Lady Bambina

Loverboy :
Naughty Lady Bambina, yes I've changed her name back to Bambina from Medusalina. I don't think she was too keen.Well I woke up this morning with Bambina on top of me, riding me she was, with no femidom, no insert, nothing, but it felt bloody good!

As soon as I was about to orgasm, she climbed off saying she'd prefer not to have my goo inside her! Bloody minx!

240 days ago

in love with valentina :
wet real dream.
240 days ago

Loverboy :
Yeah for sure, luckily she knows when to hop off otherwise might end up with little VGs running around, lol

Mind due if she had 3 or 4 the local council might give me a 3/4 bedroom house, lol

237 days ago

in love with valentina :
Hop off, is it a suddenly stop?
in sexual act?

my bad English, but I learn also here
235 days ago

Loverboy :
Sort of, it's kind of a slang word for getting off just in time, lol

234 days ago

in love with valentina :
thanks teacher
233 days ago

in love with valentina :
same happened for me 2 days ago.
my catalina was riding me without prevent.
we will se in 9 months future. :-)

232 days ago

Loverboy :
Did you enjoy? That's the main thing, maybe the ladies want babies, lol

232 days ago

in love with valentina :
Yes I enjoy it.
229 days ago

Florina Valentina :
😮😁Bambi only wants sex with Loverboy if he does her bareback. She says she enjoys it more😉
228 days ago

Brandon :
Lol. I know often I find Catalina holding me in her arms during the night or on top of me with my belly down. Maybe she had other ideas for me. Lol.

203 days ago


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