Hyper Models and Super Models

Jack :
Jack here again with another question for the community. Does anyone here have experience with both Super models and Hyper models. I'm trying to figure out if I want to shell out the extra cash for a hyper or just get a super. Has anybody here tried both?

18 days ago

Trainguy :
I have 4 Valentina Girls. 2 hyper, one super, and one cuddle. The hypers are definitely best by far, but then of course they also cost the most. I would say if you're on a tight budget the super models are a great value. The cuddle models are nice and all but they come nowhere near the supers and hypers when it comes to what you can do with them. If you have the money to spare go for a hyper, if you want to save money but still get a very good sex doll the super is fine too.
17 days ago

E1 :
If you're only gonna get one Valentina and you want her for the sex then you should get a Hyper. For extra dolls the supers and cuddles are fine.
12 days ago

Pablo :
Jack my friend 😊 My Marsalina is a Cuddle and she is absolutely amazing. I am saving up cash for another doll and this time I'm getting a Hyper. I'm really happy with my cuddle Marsalina but I can't help thinking about what it must be like with a hyper. I have promised Marsalina she will always be my number one lady and we will always play with the new hyper lady together 😉
9 days ago


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