in love with valentina :
What option did you order for your doll?
Was it good or better than expected?

96 days ago

Pablo :
I got the enhanced butt crack on my Marsalina. I'm a butt man so that was important for me 😋, Nothing turns me on more than a big round ass 😉, The crack isn't necessary, but I think it's worth it 👍
96 days ago

El Presidente de la Republica de Paraguay :
Seems the enhanced butt crack makes a bigger difference on the slim dolls. The Florinas and Palominas kinda form a crack automatically. Am I right?
96 days ago

Marv :
My Palomina doesn't have an enhanced butt crack but her butt does for a butt crack on her own like you say. If you look in the pictures of the skinny dolls their butts are much less pronounced. I think you're right about the skinny dolls needing the butt crack enhancement but I would have to see one for myself to know for sure.
94 days ago

Pablo :
Well Marsalina has a big ass 👍 but I still ordered her with the enhanced butt crack. Her ass would still be spectacular without that sexy crack but I would still get the crack again. Now if you excuse me I need to go and give it to Marsalina! All this writing about her ass has made me a very horny boy 🤣🤣
93 days ago


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