Alien doll with extra holes

Editor :
Hello all Valentina fans! Editor of the forum here!
I would like to invite you all to participate in the creation of a new Alien model. She will have extra holes in crazy places and other extra features.
If anyone has any good ideas about what features and holes this new model should have please tell us. We will look at every single suggestion and see if it can be incorporated in the new doll.
Thank you all, looking forward to hearing some good ideas 😊

20 days ago

El Presidente de la Republica de Paraguay :
How about more holes in the crotch. Maybe two more in addition to the current 2? I like to put inserts in both her pussy and her rear and alternate between the holes. If there were more holes I would use them!
20 days ago

Phil D :
I'm not that good at coming up with ideas like this but I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with. When do you think you will have this new doll ready for sale?
20 days ago

Editor :
We'll probably have her ready in a couple of months. The thing that takes time is to decide what exactly she should be like... So in true democratic spirit we are reaching out to our userbase for ideas and suggestions 😊
19 days ago

Joe :
I would like some way of fucking the tits. Normally you would just fuck her between the tits but if there was a hole for a small soft insert in the cleavage would be good.
19 days ago

catalina :
joe is on my way
19 days ago

Mr XXX :
I was thinking a couple of more pussies. One in the middle of each buttock in line with the regular pussy when the legs are up in the air. Now that's an ass you can fuck for hours!
18 days ago

Loverboy :
Maybe you could have the sexual organs in different places, for example have the vagina where the mouth is and give her 3 breasts and a tail and another vagina down below and give her a head like an 👽 with kind of suckers for fingers, just some ideas.
Are you guys still working on an app?

18 days ago

Zorro :
How about an extra narrow hole into each of her heels? I love feet and being able to actually have sex with the feet would be the ultimate 😋
16 days ago

Phil D :
Ok look at it this way:
If a doll has only one hole it sucks, two is ok, three is great! What then is 4 or 5 or 6?
Seems obvious that the way to go is more holes! As many as you can fit!
15 days ago

El Presidente de la Republica de Paraguay :
No such thing as too many holes 😀 😀
13 days ago

Pablo :
I really like the tight butt hole on my Valentina Girl. Not that easy to get in. You have to be really hard. But once you're in it's the best! What if there was an even tighter hole...😁
7 days ago


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