Which one is the best Super Valentina Girl?

Looking to buy :
Ok guys! Simple question to you all! Which one is the absolutely best Super Model Valentina Girl and why?

112 days ago

Florinalover :
Florina, definitely Florina! Or of course her chocolate counterpart Marsalina! Florina has it all! The big perfect ass, the big perfect tits! She has all the flexibility of the thinner dolls while still having supernaturally sexy curves. If you go with the chubbier dolls you lose flexibility in the waist. Florina isn't realistic, her curves are exaggerated and she looks like a cartoon sex dream and that's what she is; a sex dream come true! She's the least real looking model, but why make them real when you can make them better than real?
112 days ago

Phil D :
It comes down to personal preference. They all behave the same. Do you get turned on by big asses or small ones? Do you get turned on by big tits or small ones? Chocolate or vanilla? Chubby or slim? We're all different so there are different dolls for us all 😊
My advice is to look closely at all the dolls and whichever gives you a bigger boner is the one for you 😉
112 days ago

Wolfman :
I'm more of a harem guy myself and I like to have a collection of different dolls. But yes if I could only keep one of my dolls I would keep my Florina Super. Really awesome curves and just as flexible as the smaller dolls.
111 days ago

Florinalover :
Wolfman is right! So right!
110 days ago

El Presidente de la Republica de Paraguay :
Wolfman has a point, but I agree more with Phil. Everybody has a different preference.
109 days ago

Loverboy :
I have the biggest girl, Palomina and the slimmest, Natalina. To be fair both have their good points, but for hugs and oral it has to be Natalina. Her arms can wrap all the way round me.
Still wish her head was a bit smaller, but there we go, lol
107 days ago

Zorro :
I have a Florina myself and I couldn't be happier, and neither could she 😉, We both get laid with each other every single day!
I did a fair amount of research before I picked Florina and I think I made the right choice.
I'm planning on one more soon and it will be her dark sister 😉
105 days ago

Jack :
Catalina for me! Slim and flexible. True the tits are too small for tittiefucking but other than that she's perfect!
Didina has her body I think but the giant tits but they're just too big for my taste. If I would pick a second place it would be Melina.
105 days ago

Tommy J :
According to Robert the creator it's Florina (I asked him in another thread) and I'm sure he's tried them all 😉
I'm trying to decide which one to getů
99 days ago

in love with valentina :
I think Angelina.and catalina.
most like a normal real girl.
98 days ago

Pablo :
Marsalina definitely 😋, She's the black Florina basically. But for me her ethnicity is an extra turn-on 😁👍
96 days ago


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