Different breast types and sizes

Natalina :
I think they are saying you can have younger or mature breasts to play with. If Angelina is the tall girl it would be no good for LB, he is short,in height, but not in other areas, lol but I would imagine she is cuddly and because she is cuddly she may be a bit floppy.

170 days ago

catalina :
you can have extra stuffed tits (harder)
I think good to hold in hand.
but may silicon implant is best.
but not for hold FL.
I think palomina is best for titjob with a Fleshlight or something.
Robert is a good dollmaker.
166 days ago

Phil D :
Does anyone here have a doll with the extra firm breasts? How are they?
100 days ago

Anonymous :
I wish
99 days ago


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