Female condoms

Loverboy :
Does anyone know if female condoms will work with the girls. I've tried just putting a condom on and it doesn't work for me. I just wondered if it would stay in place. I just fancy a more natural way, instead of putting a Fleshlight in the girls love holes.

7 days ago

Loverboy :
Best sex so far - I thought I would purchase a pack of female condoms just as an experiment. Anyway they worked and it was amazing sex! Sort of soft and squidgy, similar to a woman and better than a Fleshlight, for me anyway.Also Natalina enjoyed it more, as I didn't have to shove a Fleshlight inside her. I've become sort of attached to her, The female condom held in place and you can just clean it after and use it again.
5 days ago


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