Cuddle Models easier to hide

Tim :
I've had my Valentina Girl for a while now and I love her! I was looking at the new Cuddle models and it seems they would take less space when they're packed away since they don't have a core, is that right? I keep mine hidden from my wife in a bag in the trunk of my car so hiding her is a main issue for me.

252 days ago

Editor :
That's right Tim! A cuddle model can fit in about 60% of the space of the same Super Performance lady. The easiest one to hide right now is Natalina Cuddle, and her darker sister of course.
252 days ago

Loverboy :
I guess these ladies would be ideal for traveling with to, like if you fancy a dirty weekend.
251 days ago

Ernie :
I've had my Natalina Cuddle for only a short time and I love her! She fits in a very small bag, the size of a grocery bag! Very practical!
236 days ago

Phil D :
I have a Florina Super Model and a Natalina Cuddle Model. The Cuddle can't compare to my Florina in terms of sex, but she does fit in one third the space. So yeah if you need to keep her well hidden it's a good idea. But I wouldn't trade my Florina Super for anything!
123 days ago


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