Valentina Girl makes marriage work

Tim :
I just want to say what a great help my Valentina Girl has been in my marriage. It's the age old issue really; men need more sex than women, it's a biological fact! Both my grandfathers had mistresses, and in those days everyone did. They both stayed with my grandmas happily until they died. My father did the same, but times were different and my mother left him because of his affairs. I'm pretty sure my wife would do the same to me, and lets face it... there's no way to really keep these things secret, they always find out...

Problem for me was I was sexually frustrated from only getting laid once or twice a week, simply not enough. I masturbated frequently, which helped calm the cravings for a couple of hours afterward but then you're back in frustration mode again. I upgraded to a fleshlight which was a little bit better but still left me frustrated. I also tried inflatable dolls which are worse than just using your hand if you've ever tried one of those. I did start seeing a prostitute for a while during which time I actually felt well again, but I was afraid of getting caught so I quit that.

The real change came when I bought my Valentina Girl! I keep her in a bag in the trunk of my car and on my way home from work I stop by this secluded spot I've found and make love to her in the car. The sex is real and cuddly and I feel really satisfied, just as satisfied as when I make love to my wife. My Valentina Girl keeps me mentally balanced and I can be a good unfrustrated husband to my wife and a good father to my children, just like my grandfather were and my father tried to be but was kicked out by my feminist mother.

Sadly times have changed, and being a man doesn't come with all the perks it used so you just have to make the best of it. Sure I would love to have a mistress, but my wife would be out the door in a heartbeat with the kids. Thanks to my Valentina Girl my whole family can be happy. Maybe one day society will go back to normal, but until then I'm in Valentina mode!

253 days ago

El Presidente de la Republica de Paraguay :
Haha yeah those damn feminists ruin all our fun! If you think about it it's the great tragedy of our time. Men are being prosecuted for their biology! How fucked up is that? We have to suppress who we are to keep from getting in all kinds of trouble!
252 days ago

Loverboy :
They also help, when you are feeling stressed out. After being made redundant, my girls have been a gold mine.
When I'm feeling low, or pissed off, I grab Natalina and just cuddle up to her for around an hour and her soft minky body, just relaxes me, no sex, just hugging
251 days ago

in love with valentina :
LB, I understand you.
sometimes I do the same with, Catalina or my Teddybabe DL.
just to relax.
250 days ago

Marco :
I hear you man! We have needs right?
114 days ago


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