Life with Valentina Girl Compared to Life with Real Woman

Lippydippy :
I don't know about all of you here but I really feel my overall quality of life has improved greatly since I got my Valentina lady and stopped caring about regular ladies. Firstly I get all the sex I want any time I want, and it's all great quality sex too (but that's another topic).
What is really great is how much time I have in my life for other things I want to do, time that I used to spend chasing and courting ladies. Now I have more time for my friends, my hobbies, even for work! I have more money left over at the end of the month. Those are the main advantages, but the list goes on.
Do I get lonely without a real woman? Not really, I have a dog and I have a lot of friends that I have more time for now that my doll has liberated me.
Could you get this from other dolls too? Well probably there are other good dolls out there but these are really good. I, like many others here it seems, had a TPE doll before buying a Valentina. The TPE just didn't work out for me sexually. I still have her under the bed. She's pretty and all but too heavy and too much maintenance required, not too mention her dead personality is a huge turnoff.
Plush feels really alive when you have sex with it, it bounces back towards you in lively ways. Straying off topic again, sorry.... Well anyway, what my point is is that I've become a much happier and stable person thanks to my doll.

805 days ago

TimTom :
Hey buddy! It's quite simple really! Life with real women sucks while life with a Valentina Girls is wonderful! The sex is better. Valentina Girls never bitch! You don't waste time and energy pursuing women who always end up disappointing anyway!
799 days ago

Florina Valentina :
Great Thread Lippydippy, bit of an old Thread again, but I'll add something, us girls will NEVER say no to sex, and we will NEVER come up with that old excuse, not tonight honey, I'm washing my hair, or I'm too tired tonight😃
151 days ago

Brandon :
Yeah, I have a real life gf who has a kid; who knows about my doll. I have all the intimacy with my doll at night and get to socialize with my gf and kid. She has a really low sex drive so the doll fulfills when I’m physically aroused.

93 days ago

G-Man :
Well Brandon, consider yourself lucky! I'm twice divorced and have a bunch of other failed relationships behind me. None of the women from my past would have accepted me having a doll. I have my doll no and no woman and I've never been happier. If I have to choose between having a Valentina Girl and having a real woman I pick Valentina Girl any day! But I suppose if one could have both... Hmmm... Then I would have to think about it. No way I'm giving up my Catalina Hyper, she's the best sex I have ever had!

34 days ago

Brandon :
Nice! I have a Catalina too. A Super Catalina, I have had my eyes on Giorgina, I like those tall women, lol. But I haven’t bought a second doll because my gf sees it as a “waste of money”, and plus I would have basically two bodies versus one body to put in their own room. I wonder if maybe eventually my gf would be down to have a three way with my doll? Hmmm.. If she wouldn’t be mad though I would go all out with my next doll, Hyper with big breasts and a big butt and a handjob hand or two handjob hands; a pregnant belly, around 5 months.

3 days ago


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