Valentina Girl after TPE Doll

Jack 7 :
I bought a TPE doll last year because I really wanted to have a sexpartner since I don't have one. Worst purchase ever. Having sex with a TPE dolls is a workout. Moving the heavy limbs around takes all the excitement out of the sex. Forget about putting her on top, she weighs too much. I now have a Melina Valentina, sexually she is sooooo much better! I can alternate positions without effort. I can bounce her on top of myself in all kinds of ways. Just sucks I wasted a bunch of cash on a TPE doll, oh well, we live and we learn.

490 days ago

Hal :
Yeah TPE and silicone dolls suck for sex. They're for playing dress-up. Guys pretend they're real. Some kind of psych thing not sex. Plush dolls are the best when it comes to sex. And the Valentina Girls are the best that I have found. I have some other ones. Some good some bad but all better than TPE and silicone!
489 days ago

John B :
I wrote about this in a couple of other posts and yes it is true. While these products may seem similar to an outsider they are very different. Valentina Girls are made for fucking and silicone and TPE dolls are for playing house. Yes you can fuck a TPE doll but it's not their main purpose thus they suck at it! On the other hand Valentina Girls are probably not good for playing dressup. Well I'm a horny guy so I go for the fucking any day! I don't even have clothes for my Valentina!
459 days ago

Don :
I have an old silicone doll in the back of the closet. I fucked it a few times when it was new but never really got that into it. The Valentina on the other hand gets fucked every night and quite often in the morning before work too. They are totally different. Ok silicone dolls are good for some but not for me. We all need different things I suppose. I just need really good sex and I get that from my Valentina.
449 days ago

Silicone and TPE dolls look really good and you expect the sex to be as real as the dolls look but no. They just lay there and let themselves get fucked like drunk chicks or worse... dead ones. I have never heard of anyone buying a TPE or silicone doll and being happy with the sex they get out of it. Valentina Girls on the other hand are the exact opposite! They don't look very realistic. In fact they look like cartoon characters. But once you get them in bed.... That's when you know what you have :D The sex is so amazing you will curse all those years of your life you went through without one! My Valentina girl is the best purchase I have ever made! She was worth every penny!
412 days ago

Kev PWV :
Apples and oranges gentlemen! Are they similar? Not really... They are both dolls but that's where the similarities end. TPE and silicone dolls are basically high end dress-up mannequins that you can have sex with. The guy... forgot his name... who created realdoll himself says that he was just out to make a really realistic mannequin when customers started requesting sexual function... Valentina Girls were made for sex from the very start. If women were created just for sex they would be like Valentina Girls. But women are created for other things too so they look the way they do.. I mean they do other things besides having sex. Sure she doesn't look very realistic but sexually she's just perfect!
410 days ago

Slobo :
I had a TPE doll before I had my Valentina. I fucked the TPE doll once. Lost my erection half way through and didn't even cum. Worst sex ever. It really is like fucking a dead body. Cold and lifeless. My Valentina Girl I have fucked every single day since I got her. I have never had a better sexlife and I plan to keep it this way! I might buy another Valentina one day for threesomes.
364 days ago

Berney :
I hear you my friends! Sex dolls should be made for sex as the name implies. Valentina Girls are true sex dolls, they are just really good for sex, just really really good! TPE dolls are more for dressing up and pretending they're your girlfriend or wife. Not saying there's anything wrong with that but they should be called companionship dolls or something like that and not sex dolls because that's not what they are. If you're buying a TPE doll thinking you're gonna have great sex with her you're wasting your money.
329 days ago

DocMoriarty :
I think most buyers of rubber dolls regret actually their purchase or would if they would know more about the alternative.
I don't have my Valentina yet but hopefully in a few days. I own a Teddy Babe since 3 months and am much more happy with her than with my silicone dolls. I've been fucking my TBD every day and on weekends often 2-3 times a day. Sex is healthy! The only thing healthier than sex is more sex. I fucked my silicone dolls prolly 3x a week or so and often preferred to jerk off watching porn.
So I know what to expect from a Valentina Girl and I especially bought her since she is is great to travel with you and I will probably have to work a lot out of town next year(s).
122 days ago

Frank :
Hey Doc :-) Sounds like me too, and so many others. Textile is definitely the way to go! The TPE dolls are so incredibly pretty but after a while you just end up jacking off instead like you say. I have two Valentinas, the threesomes are sooooooo gooooooood ;-)
120 days ago

King M :
Absolutely my friends! TPE and silicone dolls are a total waste! Only a necrophiliac could get turned on by one of those things! I did go and look at some TPE and silicone dolls after my divorce but couldn't find myself wanting to get one. One they are basically like dead bodies, two they're expensive! I'm really happy with my Melina Valentina, she is better in bed than my ex and she doesn't nag, not ever!
116 days ago

I think if you are considering a TPE doll you should first go and look at one even if you are not going to buy from that source. You need to lift one up and feel the weight so you know what you're getting into. I was planning on ordering a TPE doll online, went to look at one in real life posing as an interested customer, tried to lift her and instantly realized it's not for me. They are just too heavy, no getting around the weight, just no way.
103 days ago

Loverboy :
Yeah agree with you guys, I managed to get a second hand TPE torso, not even a full doll and that was hard work. Also cold as hell in bed and the TPE has to split.
A friend has a full size TPE, beautiful to look at, but no real funcuality. Also has to be lifted the right way and prepared for sex beforehand
91 days ago

Sharky :
My old TPE doll has been in her box for over a year now. I only used her a few times and I was quite disappointed in her. Lots of set up time and maintenance and cleaning, by the time you're ready to go you've gone soft :(
90 days ago

Loverboy :
My friend said he has to prepare her in a sexual position before hand. I've had a go at lifting her and I'm used to manual work and bloody hell she's heavy. Also she has to be lifted in the right way, otherwise you can damage her.
The only positive is she is very pretty
89 days ago

Sharky :
That's right! You only get one position per round. Otherwise you have to pause and reconfigure her and by the time you're done with that you go soft. Single position rounds tend to be quickies and I don't like quickies. Sometimes quickies are ok if you're in a hurry but I like to do it for a long time. With my Valentinas I can sometimes go for an hour. Switching positions at a whim quite often.
89 days ago

Jason T :
I never did get myself a tpe doll but I came quite close. The thing that made me not get one was watching videos online with guys fucking their tpe dolls. Seems like they put the doll in the desired position and then hump until they cum. That's not fucking for me, no in that case even an inflatable is better. When I came across Valentina Girls I instantly realized that those were the right dolls for me and I was absolutely right! I've never regretted getting one!
69 days ago

in love with valentina :
Jason T, I understand you.
68 days ago

El Presidente de la Republica de Paraguay :
Gentlemen I concur :-)
Sexdolls should be for fucking!
Long live Valentina Girls! Made for fucking!
65 days ago

Loverboy :
Agreed, to be fair TPE dolls are for photography and art, like a muse or whatever they call them. Yes they are beautiful to look at, but don't deliver the goods.

65 days ago


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