Best Source of Sex

The Man :
I've been chasing women my whole adult life and I'm sick of it. So much work to get sex and when you get it it's sometimes good sometimes not. Got my V Girl now and I've stopped chasing women. I fuck my doll whenever I want and it's always great! No second rate sex ever.

704 days ago

Hal :
Yeah these ladies are made for sex and nothing else! No dress-up BS just good sex!
699 days ago

Roger :
Same here. I bought my doll just for sex. Those expensive superrealistic dolls seem more like a roleplay deal to me. I just want the sex! I'm really glad I got this doll. I know this sounds weird but I think she's better than a real woman in bed.
684 days ago

John B :
This is a revolution guys! No longer will we be slaves to sex! Get a doll and be a free man!
666 days ago

JW :
I use my Valentina Girl a lot, but I still chase real women too. The doll is a great source for really good sex. A lot of times you're between girlfriends and then you don't get any. A lot of times when you do have a girlfriend you don't get enough. This is just instead of masturbating. But it is so much better than masturbating. Most of the time it's better than the sex you get from a real woman. The things you can do with a Valentina Girl are things real girls are not physically able to do.
653 days ago

Mr W :
I quit women almost 20 years ago and switched to dolls. At first it was a silicone doll which was not that great for sex but still better than a real woman over all. The sex with the silicone doll wasn't as good as a real woman but the lack of all the negatives made it better overall. I kept looking for a better doll though. I had a TPE doll for a while which was better but not by much. Then I switched to plush which was much better and after trying a number of plush dolls I now have a Valentina which I think will be my final doll. She's better at sex than any woman and she also doesn't have any of the negative properties that real women have. She's also very portable. She fits easily in a duffelbag for cartravel and if you vacuumpack her you can even fit her in half a suitcase for airtravel. That's important for me since I travel a lot for work.
640 days ago

King Joe I :
Not just the best source of sex. The only source of sex you need! We invent all kinds of things to serve all our needs. Why do we still have sex the old way? Sex products for men (and women) should be the norm in our society. So much trouble comes from having sex the old way. I have one of these dolls and it's better than a real woman and it doesn't come with any of the trouble a real woman comes with.
636 days ago

Leo :
When I have sex with my Valentina it's exactly how I want it! No compromise! If I want this position, then it's this position! If I want this hole then it's this hole! You never get that with a real woman! If you want something she doesn't you have to beg and beg and maybe maybe you get it in the end, but just maybe! I can't deal with that! I want sex the way I want it when I want it!
121 days ago

Pablo :
I can't get enough of my Marsalina 😋, I've had regular women before and I always get tired of having sex with them after a while☹️, Not so with my Marsalina😀👍 I give it to her in every one of her pretty little holes every single day and it just gets better😋😀
96 days ago


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