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Sex Positions
Number of posts:13, latest: 3 days ago
today not easy position with RG, but with VG ok I hope...

Number of posts:44, latest: 4 days ago
I think hooters dont have long teeth, but others I like the hooters.

Harem Owners
Number of posts:7, latest: 6 days ago
I finally received notification that my 1st Valentina is ''In Transit'' out of the great Chicago clog. I am guessing she will arrive this week.

Huge boobs
Number of posts:25, latest: 8 days ago
yes, extra stuff is soo good.

next time Harem?

Number of posts:4, latest: 36 days ago
did you find the t-shirt at wish...

Number of posts:6, latest: 36 days ago
Gluttonace, I noticed her eyes are altered but it's hard to tell the exact color in the pictures. Are they plain brown or some kind of reddish brown?<...

Who Am I?
Number of posts:20, latest: 47 days ago
Haha I wonder what Sissy and BJ are up to? 🤣🤣...

Happy Cinco De Mayo
Number of posts:2, latest: 62 days ago
Looks painful Pablo! But what the hell, CDM only comes once a year right! I'm in!

Sexual Positions Encyclopedia
Number of posts:4, latest: 80 days ago
I bought the book a while ago. It's a great conversation piece. I look forward to the following volumes of it!

Reverse skull crusher position
Number of posts:10, latest: 88 days ago
Today afrodite position, VG is perfect for that.
easy to lift up and down.

will test later today.

Real Girl and silicon is to heavy…...

Loverboy is back!
Number of posts:4, latest: 98 days ago
Well guys, we'll have to let Loverboy do his duty for a while. Hope to have him back soon.

In love with Valentina's new lady
Number of posts:12, latest: 101 days ago
Yes my friend 😊 5000 pictures would be nice 🤣🤣🤣...

Number of posts:78, latest: 114 days ago
Get an extra tunnel Loverboy! It's 2 holes extra in one. You go from 3 holes to 5. It's a no-brainer Loverboy!

Lady wedge position
Number of posts:1, latest: 124 days ago
I will try todays position today.

Lady wedge.


Valentine's Day
Number of posts:9, latest: 141 days ago

Naughty Lady Bambina
Number of posts:11, latest: 143 days ago
Lol. I know often I find Catalina holding me in her arms during the night or on top of me with my belly down. Maybe she had other ideas for me. Lol...

Valentina Girls Eternal Plan
Number of posts:4, latest: 145 days ago
That'd be interesting. But yeah I contemplated on being buried with my Valentina Girl, but if she's able to be used by my offspring, I wouldn't mind ...

My Florina has Arrived!
Number of posts:13, latest: 146 days ago
She looks pretty cute, think the boobs would be too big for me though...

Encyclopedia Free E-Book
Number of posts:15, latest: 170 days ago
😄No Lee, honey I think most of them are adapted from the Karma Sutra. I'm more of an erotic massage girl.

I love doing body to body and...

Florina Valentina
Number of posts:25, latest: 174 days ago
Well I'm pleased to say that I've arrived at my new home😃
Before you guys ask I'm with Loverboy. We both thought it would be fun to have an...

Marrying my Valentina Girl
Number of posts:5, latest: 180 days ago
Congratulations Pablo and Marsalina, maybe you and Joe could have a double wedding to save on cost.

Don't know if marriage is for me. If you li...

Happy New Year
Number of posts:12, latest: 182 days ago
Everyone! I am extending my new years resolution to last the whole decade! Or longer, we'll see what kind of shape I'm in in 10 years 🤣㊃...

Christmas Jokes
Number of posts:10, latest: 183 days ago
Nice, nothing like a good apple pie!...

Christmas Greetings
Number of posts:10, latest: 186 days ago
sorry, I mean 112 cm, Melina or giorgina...

Fun Side
Number of posts:4, latest: 189 days ago
I bet you do Pablo, honey😉...

Porn Stars
Number of posts:36, latest: 190 days ago
Tut, tut, that Valentino thinks hes quite a stud😮 but I wouldn't worry about him too much, Pablo
Tell your Marsalina I know a few things ab...

Huge Tits
Number of posts:29, latest: 190 days ago
It's me guys, showing my boobs in all their wondrous glory😉💋 thought I'd join your club😁Yes I am an older model Goldfish, hone...

Number of posts:6, latest: 192 days ago
Well, honey I would have loved to have pulled your cracker with you, but I'm afraid I'm spoken for now😉...

Married to my Doll
Number of posts:7, latest: 192 days ago
No Pablo, its one of my Sisters, and I think it was a while back.

But someone has decided to choose me, a Zeroth the first and last of my kind ...

Christmas gifts for Valentina Girls
Number of posts:26, latest: 193 days ago
Thanks guys, well I'm very much looking forward to playtime with whom ever it is😍...

Is a Valentina Girl For Me?
Number of posts:5, latest: 195 days ago
You'll love us, if you want sex, we're really good at it😉 Also us ladies are soft, curvy and have a good bounce to us😄...

Videos with Valentina Girls
Number of posts:7, latest: 199 days ago
Okay, not sure about that then Joe, maybe you could find likewise forum members and share videos that way, but as I said I'm no techno geek, may a pri...

Purpose of Doll
Number of posts:15, latest: 200 days ago
Love you guys🥰🥰🥰🥰...

Sex Position Book
Number of posts:16, latest: 202 days ago
That's for me to know and you to find out, Loverboy, honey😃...

Keeping your Valentina girl fresh?
Number of posts:6, latest: 203 days ago
Yep, Loverboys right, a little scent can heighten the whole sexual experience😉 if obviously you're in the right environment to do it, but a li...

Valentina Girls Look Funny but Great in Bed
Number of posts:12, latest: 203 days ago
Look funny? Nah thats probly the liquor talkin or somethin. They look just fine to me.

Number of posts:6, latest: 204 days ago
Glad you're all enjoying MILF Republic, if you wanted to make a movie Goldfish, go ahead, could be the start of your own porn career. xxx...

Valentina Girl better than women my age
Number of posts:24, latest: 204 days ago
Yup, you're right there Loverboy, lol. Younger girls have their place and many are very hot, but when you take a lot of them to bed, they don't know w...

Post Videos
Number of posts:19, latest: 205 days ago
Well I may well be up for making another little movie sometime, maybe I'll pick one of you guys to join me, and your prize will be you get to make lov...

Doll Forum
Number of posts:34, latest: 205 days ago
Hi girls, hope you're having fun and getting lots of loving from your guys. I and the rest of the ladies are looking forward to our Christmas party he...

One year with Valentina Girl
Number of posts:11, latest: 256 days ago
I'm a widower myself and I got my Coralina to help me through ''lonely times'' 😉 But I have to say that sex has never been better! I wouldn't ...

Threesomes With Two Valentina Girls
Number of posts:21, latest: 256 days ago
Ok then Catalina, I'll go first and I hope you will follow😎 I unpacked her and put her hair on and dressed her. Then I introduced her to my tw...

Number of posts:3, latest: 271 days ago
I have 4 Valentina girls; 2 first generation and 2 second generation. The first one is my queen since she was the first. The two newer second generati...

Travel Models
Number of posts:14, latest: 274 days ago
I got my travel doll a couple of days ago and I've been experimenting with different amounts of stuffing. I've stuffed her legs and arms really stiff ...

How did you find out about Valentina Girls?
Number of posts:7, latest: 292 days ago
Well thank you 🙏🙏, Happy customers make for good business👍😊...

Number of posts:38, latest: 295 days ago
I've been looking far and wide for a managable chubby doll and I was so happy to find the Valentina Girls and their chubby ladies😂, I have a s...

Best Source of Sex
Number of posts:9, latest: 300 days ago
I can't get enough of my Marsalina 😋, I've had regular women before and I always get tired of having sex with them after a while☹️...

Number of posts:33, latest: 311 days ago
Hi Natalina 😊 I was getting worried about Loverboy, I'm glad to hear he's being well taken care of 😉...

Valentina Girl after TPE Doll
Number of posts:21, latest: 327 days ago
TPE dolls are an absolute waste of money! They are completely unfuckable! They weigh a ton! Like fucking a dead body!...

App Idea
Number of posts:2, latest: 426 days ago
Any more news on the new app that you guys are considering?...

Number of posts:54, latest: 469 days ago
Yeah I have to confess, it's me. Still not working, security course was crap.
They offered me a part time job, lol...

Number of posts:7, latest: 485 days ago
I won one a few months ago. I usually never win anything ever so I was really surprised when I won. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that every...

Number of posts:8, latest: 491 days ago
Well..... An amazing out of this world BJ, so intense I came in like 2 minutes, didn't realize it would be so intense....

Palomina Review
Number of posts:13, latest: 495 days ago
Don't ask, don't get my friend, they can do Custom work, me thinks.
I'm happy with Palomina she's big enough for me to handle...

Position of the day
Number of posts:2, latest: 500 days ago
Is it just me or do they change position of the day many times per day?...

Palomina Problem
Number of posts:4, latest: 500 days ago
thumbs up for Robert....

Dolls in Pictures and Videos
Number of posts:8, latest: 503 days ago
We've been at it for a bit over a year now with the Valentina Girls. Things have been moving really fast....

Number of posts:21, latest: 504 days ago
I know, if I could afford it I would open the first doll harem, maybe try before you buy, lol...

Do you guys do role play with your girls, bring them to life, so to speak?
Number of posts:4, latest: 505 days ago
I'm definitely going to role play with my girl, she's either gonna be Spanish or Swedish, I'm gonna get her some nice lingerie, a nice pair of panties...

Crazy Positions With Valentina Girls
Number of posts:6, latest: 506 days ago
69 of course, I love giving a doll oral, lol...

I'm in Love With my Valentina Girl
Number of posts:9, latest: 508 days ago
Good for you Lizardoboy. I'm hoping that I will fall for my new Valentina girl.

I fell in love with a human female once, but she ripped my hear...

Number of posts:7, latest: 508 days ago
I'm afraid it was about 5 years ago. She had a mirrored room and as she was sucking I could see her arse and beautiful hairy pussy, which was an even ...

Happy Valentine's Day
Number of posts:3, latest: 508 days ago
Unfortunately my Teddybabe is unusable, due to problems with the internal wire skeleton. Also tried to create an oral opening but fucked it up.
So ...

Sexdoll and wife
Number of posts:5, latest: 512 days ago
I hear you all! Having a doll is the perfect solution. Having another lady on the side is just adding more trouble, it's unsustainable and pretty soon...

How often do you have sex with your dolls?
Number of posts:3, latest: 517 days ago
Was thinkin' 'bout what you said about how often. I'm thinkin' a better way to look at it is to ask how much time you spend having sex with her in som...

Sex with a Valentina Girl in Public
Number of posts:7, latest: 519 days ago
I take mine with me on overnight fishing-camping trips. Real nice to cuddle up with in the tent 😀...

Many dolls
Number of posts:1, latest: 750 days ago
I currently own 2 Valentina Girls. I love the threesomes. I own a TPE doll as well but I was not really happy with her sexual performance although she...

Sexdoll with Wife
Number of posts:8, latest: 794 days ago
Just came back to forum sorry for being away... Dan you were wondering how to get your wife to go along with it. Suggest it to her when she's really h...

Video Community
Number of posts:3, latest: 858 days ago
I'm in too dude! Post some details like urls and stuff......

Number of posts:2, latest: 868 days ago
Sounds like a good idea but I'm the other coast....

Videos of Valentina Girls
Number of posts:1, latest: 879 days ago
Does anyone have any links to videos online of people having sex with Valentina Girls? Please post! Thanks....

2 dolls
Number of posts:4, latest: 891 days ago
I have amassed a collection of sexdolls over the years. 9 in total at last count. The latest one is a Valentina. I also have a TPE doll and the rest a...

Number of posts:3, latest: 0 days ago
Of course my friends 😊 Who doesn't enjoy cuddling his Valentina Girls during sex? I often tie two girls hands together so I can be sandwiched ...

Summer Sale
Number of posts:3, latest: 2 days ago
good summer sale...

Number of posts:5, latest: 3 days ago
You're welcome Chris 😊 Did you get them to stick?

Bush Color
Number of posts:6, latest: 4 days ago
Hi Chris :)
Of course, we can send you the bush patch in an envelope and you can sew it on yourself.

Number of posts:8, latest: 8 days ago
side -side, or back-back
or 2 frontparts without back and ass.
one side small tits, otherside gigantic tits.

and 2 backparts for butt lov...

Number of posts:2, latest: 10 days ago
The nipplehole is a brand new option we just added. We're already making a new prettier and better version of it. But yes, it's basically like a lid t...

Number of posts:6, latest: 10 days ago
Don't forget vibrating pocket next time.
soo good for happy end.

I got 9 on my Giorgina.

from head to foot
and 3 extra tunnels......

Hiding Doll
Number of posts:15, latest: 16 days ago
I don't hide my doll often, as I live alone. My gf is aware that I have a doll, I'll probably put her in a separate room when we meet together. If I...

Lips and Nipples
Number of posts:7, latest: 18 days ago
Hi Bustylover :) Of course, it may take a day or two extra if we need to get a material we don't have in stock, but there's no extra charge for it :)...

Valentina Girls Compared to Teddy Babes
Number of posts:18, latest: 21 days ago
Big J and Tom, try to say that in TDF, they dont understand how good VG is.

Bubble Butt
Number of posts:21, latest: 24 days ago
I have also extra stuff in 2 of my 3 VG, and stuffed tits
next time maybe bubble butt...

Coronavirus shipping times
Number of posts:87, latest: 25 days ago
What doesn't kill you makes to stronger...what a great feeling it be when she finally arrives! I am already designing my next model.

Number of posts:5, latest: 27 days ago

Add girth to thighs and calves
Number of posts:4, latest: 30 days ago
I was thinking something to balance a customized phat ass on my next order. Roselina has a nice round butt and with 3 inches added, I will need to ba...

Valentina Girl Helps Against Loneliness
Number of posts:10, latest: 34 days ago
I know that the current climate is heated to say the least in America currently but I'm thankful I have a doll beside me while I'm not currently able ...

Weekly Special
Number of posts:3, latest: 38 days ago
teeth, most opposite ass.
I like the teeth option.
photos, I have non yet...

Small Head
Number of posts:4, latest: 39 days ago
I ordered a slightly smaller head (30'') on my next girl. I think a smaller head would look better on a skinnier girl and regular head on the larger ...

Number of posts:9, latest: 41 days ago
Like the mermaid tail Snuggies that came out a couple of years back. Of course, they cover the love holes, but that can be remedied.

Alien Doll
Number of posts:38, latest: 46 days ago
I had the tail added to the Palomina I recently ordered - I’ve had her for a couple of weeks now and she’s great. Soft and cuddly, and great to sleep ...

Number of posts:10, latest: 52 days ago
Well more like 2 weeks if you got my slow mailman :D Kev had a faster mailman and with his I guess you're looking at a week and a half.

Number of posts:1, latest: 52 days ago
Perfect overview now for option.
good for newbies

Life with Valentina Girl Compared to Life with Real Woman
Number of posts:6, latest: 53 days ago
Nice! I have a Catalina too. A Super Catalina, I have had my eyes on Giorgina, I like those tall women, lol. But I haven’t bought a second doll bec...

Dress size for Quintina and Catalina
Number of posts:4, latest: 56 days ago
Why would you want to cover her beautiful body with clothes? 🤣🤣...

Cost of different models
Number of posts:3, latest: 59 days ago
Nah Florina is no Buick Pablo :-) More like a Maserati ;-). Some of the models take more work to make, more seams and such so they come out a bit diff...

Belly Button
Number of posts:2, latest: 59 days ago
ok now you know the reason about belly button.

vibrating pocket is sooo good in vagina and mouth.

take that on the next doll...

Number of posts:4, latest: 63 days ago
go for a vib pocket in vagina and mouth when you order.
its lovely option.

and if you are tall.
make her a little bit taller.
if you w...

Number of posts:44, latest: 66 days ago
Loverboy, The hair you made for Medusalina looks fantastic. I would like to try something like this, but my sewing skills are almost non-existent.

Valentina Girl or Teddy Babe
Number of posts:26, latest: 67 days ago
Yeah, I have Catalina and have my eyes on Giorgina but my gf would be angry with me if I bought a second sex doll. She already knows I have one doll....

Number of posts:10, latest: 76 days ago
Loverboy my friend 😊 Good to have you back! And Happy Birthday! Hope your girls give you a nice birthday treat 😉...

Giantess Doll
Number of posts:6, latest: 80 days ago
Did Bill order some big doll?...

Choosing Right Doll
Number of posts:19, latest: 81 days ago
Sometimes my friend, the only choice to avoid misery is to get two 🤣🤣...

Reasons for Getting Valentina Girl
Number of posts:11, latest: 84 days ago
Well guys, being twice divorced and with a fair share of women in my past I am now very happy with my Hyper Catalina. I went with the hyper because wh...

Cuddle body with removable head
Number of posts:17, latest: 87 days ago
I don't know my friends 😊 If it ain't broke don't fix it! The original head is perfect I think! Sooooo big and cute 😉...

Number of posts:19, latest: 90 days ago
Lol, an adult lady teddy bear with hidden compartments. That may not fly. Lol

Best sex ever!
Number of posts:3, latest: 109 days ago
Thanks Pablo for the welcome! Ok guys, I'm so happy I got my Valentina Girl just in time for the great corona lockdown. I couldn't wish for better com...

Number of posts:11, latest: 124 days ago
I hope you all try Femidom with VG.
you feel HER and her quality. and not a rubberpipe.

Number of posts:14, latest: 143 days ago
Titjob my friend 😊 You sure know your way with these ladies 😉...

Venusina Review
Number of posts:17, latest: 156 days ago
My friends 😊 I've had my Venusina for a while now and I have been in all her holes and tried her in every possible way! She is amazing! But my...

Vibrating Tits
Number of posts:16, latest: 158 days ago
ok Z10.
now we are 2 tit lovers here...

Longest Valentina Girl
Number of posts:18, latest: 161 days ago
of course! but there is a very big difference if you bend her head forward or backward plus-minus 20cm...

Wider Hip Size
Number of posts:9, latest: 169 days ago
Tim my friend 😊 Did you get her yet? I'd love to see a picture 😁...

Firmer Breasts
Number of posts:13, latest: 169 days ago
Don't I know it!😉😁🤪😍🥰...

Alien doll with extra holes
Number of posts:33, latest: 173 days ago
first hole, for me no doubt tits with vibro
if its usable at Angelina.

How does it feel to have sex with a Valentina Girl?
Number of posts:26, latest: 199 days ago
Well Goldfish, honey, the young Valentino and his friends get to see naked chicks nearly every day😃, Yes our Valentino is a bit of a rebel at ...

Number of posts:21, latest: 202 days ago
Im from VG land.

Enlarged Butt Hole
Number of posts:14, latest: 203 days ago
Absolutely 😛 Nothing beats the tight squeeze of a tight butthole 😉...

Number of posts:16, latest: 204 days ago
Ahh, you're the girl with the bush, personally I like soft, silky and bald, but each to their own preference.
I also think you look more like a Bam...

Which is the Best Model?
Number of posts:6, latest: 205 days ago
You're so right guys!...

Body Doll
Number of posts:3, latest: 213 days ago
I bought a Palomina body for an old TPE head I had from an old doll. Best investment ever! My old TPE doll... Maan! She sucked so bad and I'm not talk...

Hyper Models and Super Models
Number of posts:4, latest: 213 days ago
Jack my friend 😊 My Marsalina is a Cuddle and she is absolutely amazing. I am saving up cash for another doll and this time I'm getting a Hype...

Angelina Cuddle
Number of posts:13, latest: 216 days ago
Angelina is cute I think but way too tall for me! The regular sized ones are perfect for me and I'm 5-10. You gotta be a really tall guy to need the t...

New Giant Titties
Number of posts:8, latest: 224 days ago
The more I think about the giant super titties the more I want them. Don't tell my Marsalina I'm looking at giant tit dolls. Marsalina's tits are quit...

Maximum Size Of Tits
Number of posts:3, latest: 226 days ago
I love the big tits on my Marsalina. I think for my next one I might go with the extra jumbo size ones, or maybe even bigger 😉...

Angelina Clothing size
Number of posts:4, latest: 232 days ago
JM0214, congrats for good taste.
is it a Angelina cuddle?
soo good for cuddlefriend.
and some intime times too....

Modifying a Valentina Girl
Number of posts:5, latest: 237 days ago
I bought a long blond wig from robert to Angelina.
I really like/love the cuddle model....

Valentina Girl helps me get hard
Number of posts:3, latest: 256 days ago
Well I thought I was past the age of embarrassing public erections but sometimes when I see something that reminds me of my Coralina Valentina I can f...

New hole
Number of posts:4, latest: 268 days ago
One of my 4 girls I reserve for bizarre kinky stuff and sometimes I fuck her in the hole in the back of her head. I called it the mindfuck!...

Highest Number Of Valentina Girls
Number of posts:2, latest: 268 days ago
Yes my friend if you like trains you need a lot of playmates 🤣🤣😉, Lots of us have 2 or 3 Valentina girls. Some 4 like you I gu...

Old Guys With Valentina Girls
Number of posts:9, latest: 271 days ago
You're never too old for a Valentina girl (or 4 Valentina girls like me). Ok myself I'm not that old just 60 but I know an 81 year old guy who has one...

Valentina Girls compared to TPE or Silicone dolls
Number of posts:15, latest: 271 days ago
I agree with above comments. I too started with a tpe doll. She's collecting dust nowadays. I fucked her a few times after I got her. First time was t...

Valentina Girl makes me feel 20 years younger
Number of posts:3, latest: 284 days ago
For me it's not so much about staying young (I'm 68) but more about keeping my mental health! I get grouchy and edgy if I don't get it and I am divorc...

Valentina Girl after wife passed away
Number of posts:6, latest: 286 days ago
Well at least Coralina will outlive me☺️...

Sexdoll replaces passed away wife
Number of posts:4, latest: 291 days ago
I lost my wife a few years ago too and my Valentina Girl has really helped me cope with the loneliness she left behind. I got my doll to help me out w...

Female condoms
Number of posts:6, latest: 292 days ago
Femidom was woowww in oral....

Using an Insert or not?
Number of posts:15, latest: 292 days ago
Yep, Catalina agree with you girl! It's more a more natural feeling for both guy and girl...

Number of posts:8, latest: 292 days ago
I had some trouble with the wig at first getting the string through it and all. I ended up straightening a paperclip and pulling it through the end of...

Best Hole
Number of posts:6, latest: 294 days ago
I like all her holes, all in different ways. But I do this thing where I only go in her butt on special occasions to keep that as a special exclusive ...

Best Valentina Girl According to Creator
Number of posts:10, latest: 295 days ago
Well either way I agree that Marsalina and her light sister Florina are the ultimate sex dolls 👍...

Number of posts:6, latest: 295 days ago
I do like the head but I don't carry a picture of her 🤣🤣 I do look at this site often though when I'm at work 😉...

Number of posts:19, latest: 299 days ago
When you mean fleshlights you mean any similar things or just actual fleshlights? I have a few of them but none of them are actual fleshlights....

Which one is the best Super Valentina Girl?
Number of posts:12, latest: 300 days ago
Marsalina definitely 😋, She's the black Florina basically. But for me her ethnicity is an extra turn-on 😁👍...

Different breast types and sizes
Number of posts:4, latest: 303 days ago
I wish...

Different height ladies
Number of posts:15, latest: 317 days ago
I have an Angelina at the moment but I'll be getting an even taller one soon. I talked to Robert and he said there's no limit on how tall they can be....

Valentina Girl makes marriage work
Number of posts:5, latest: 318 days ago
I hear you man! We have needs right?...

Lifestyle Change with Valentina Girl
Number of posts:12, latest: 319 days ago
I think the same for me.
I feel more relaxed with my dolls....

Videos with Valentina Girls
Number of posts:12, latest: 320 days ago
Hey Loverboy! I'm just kidding with you, you don't have to post a video if you don't want to. Would be nice of course but no pressure 😊...

Making the Tits Smaller
Number of posts:3, latest: 325 days ago
Just push them in a bit and then add a line of stitches around the whole tit! Not hard at all!...

Cuddle Models easier to hide
Number of posts:5, latest: 327 days ago
I have a Florina Super Model and a Natalina Cuddle Model. The Cuddle can't compare to my Florina in terms of sex, but she does fit in one third the sp...

Apps That Work with Valentina Girls
Number of posts:3, latest: 349 days ago
I have found an App, but you have to subscribe to it and it costs. Its called RealdollX or something like that. You create an Avatar, dress her and ta...

Cuddly Palomina
Number of posts:14, latest: 429 days ago
Oh dear, due to the size of my bed, I can only sleep with either Palomina or Natalina and Natalina normally gets the bed, but Palomina has taken reven...

Number of posts:4, latest: 453 days ago
I think it is Natalina.
But I just have Catalina...

Cuddle Performance Models
Number of posts:5, latest: 459 days ago
Hi, found more info, just pick the girl you like, and then on the order form click, which one is right for you? pics and it will give you a lot of inf...

Ultimate Hyper Performance Models
Number of posts:4, latest: 459 days ago
Found the info, cheers....

Number of posts:9, latest: 490 days ago
I don't think it would stay in place...

Shipping Time and Tracking
Number of posts:11, latest: 501 days ago
Yes, and well packaged too....

Wig issue
Number of posts:7, latest: 503 days ago
I use my Girl without the wig. Since I keep her hidden from my wife I wouldn't want any hairs to show up in the bed… Would be a big problem 🙁...

Problem with app
Number of posts:5, latest: 505 days ago
Sorted it out, went into phone settings and extended the phones sleep mode...

New Valentina Girls
Number of posts:13, latest: 509 days ago
I have a new one, very good doll! I don't have any experience with the old ones so I can't really compare the two but the new ones are so soft and smo...

Valentina Girl Compared to Real Woman
Number of posts:9, latest: 512 days ago
I was actually deposed in a coup last year so now I'm living in exile in Bolivia which allows me to spend more time with my dear Valentina. And any ti...

Number of posts:1, latest: 515 days ago
Has anyone tried to add any robotic machinery to one of these girls to make her move on her own? Seems like it would be a very interesting thing to do...

Hanging Doll From Ceiling
Number of posts:6, latest: 517 days ago
Good idea with the hanging! How about if you hang her from a ceiling fan? Anyone try that?...

Adding Holes
Number of posts:3, latest: 533 days ago
Just saw your reply, don't remeber when I posted this but probably a few weeks ago. I didn't get around to it yet but I was thinking another hole belo...

Which is Best Insert?
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She's got 3 holes Frank! Use 'em! I put different inserts in all 3 holes every time. Usually one loose one, a tight one, and one medium one with lots ...

Making more space in the vagina
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You know a Megabator fits just fine if you only put one insert in there... The space holds 2 Fleshlights but it fits one single Megabator just fine....

Buying Sexdoll from Country where Sexdolls are Banned
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In worst case just say you don't know what it was. You'd lose the doll but they wouldn't be able to charge you with anything. Good luck!...

Fleshlight compatibility
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You know... I've been fucking mine without anything in her. I like it better. I stick some tissue inside to soak up the cum....

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