Torso of Palomina Valentina

You may not have space for a whole Palomina but this torso has all her best parts. Two wonderful love holes, a giant ass, a pair of huge titties, and of course her big fat tummy! This torso is based on Palomina's body, but we can make you a torso based on your favorite Valentina Girl at about the same price. Just let us know which one and we'll take care of it.

Weight  5.5 lbs  2.5kg
Length  24 inch  61 cm
Bust  50 inch  127 cm
Waist  41 inch  104 cm
Hip  50 inch  127 cm

Shipping Weight: 11 LBS

Price: 159 US DOLLARS + shipping & handling
Ships out in 1 to 3 business days.

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