Palomina Valentina

You know us chubby ladies are better in bed and I'm no exception. I'm Palomina and I would love to be your chubby love playmate. I am bigger and cuddlier than my Valentina sisters. I have the kind of huge ass that you just want to keep pounding for hours. I have a big wide tummy with plenty to grab. A full size lady like me will never leave you unsatisfied, and I know you will satisfy me too. My big chubby body with all its softness and my three hungry love-holes are all yours and I want you to play thoroughly with all that I have, I promise it will be worth it ;-) .

Weight  9.7 lbs  4.4 kg
Length  5ft 2in  157 cm
Bust  50 inch  127 cm
Waist  41 inch  104 cm
Hip  50 inch  127 cm

Shipping Weight: 18 LBS

Price: 399 US DOLLARS + shipping & handling
Ships out in 1-3 business days

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