Natalina Valentina

I'm Natalina, the slimmest and most petite one of all my sisters. I have a slim firm body with the cutest little butt you could ever imagine. And that's only what you see in these pictures of me. To really appreciate how wonderful I am you need to explore me from the inside. All my love openings are eagerly awaiting you my love explorer! And I'll make sure all your love expeditions in my body are fantastically fulfilling. I will make you feel things you've never felt before ;-)

Weight  7.5 lbs  3.4 kg
Length  5ft 2in  157 cm
Bust  40 inch  101 cm
Waist  26 inch  66 cm
Hip  33 inch  84 cm

Shipping Weight: 15 LBS

Price: 399 US DOLLARS + shipping & handling
Ships out in 1-3 business days

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