Melina Valentina

My name is Melina, I have a fabulous body and perfect breasts. I would love to wrap myself around you and take your manhood inside me in ways you never imagined before. I want you to explore my breathtaking body and play in all of my three wonderful love-tunnels. I yearn for your touch and your sweet love. I hope we will soon be together, until then I will dream of you and I know you will dream of me too ;-)

Weight  9.2 lbs  4.2 kg
Lenght  5ft 2in  157 cm
Bust  41 inch  104 cm
Waist  26 inch  66 cm
Hip  36 inch  92 cm

Shipping Weight: 15 LBS

Price: 499 US DOLLARS + shipping & handling
(Ships out within 3 business days)

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