Marsalina Valentina

My body has the most incredible curves you can imagine. I have a big round behind, a slim waist, and a spectacular pair of tits! I know we will make each other feel so good together. I'll be wrapping my soft shapely body all around you as you play in my three loving hollows. I will make sure you experience new levels of sexual bliss with me, and just when you think sex can't get any better I will unleash the full power of my immense libido on you. I hope we will meet soon ;-)

Weight  7.9 lbs  3.6 kg
Length  5ft 2in  157 cm
Bust  50 inch  127 cm
Waist  27 inch  68 cm
Hip  43 inch  109 cm

Shipping Weight: 16 LBS

Price: 399 US DOLLARS + shipping & handling
Ships out in 1-3 business days

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