Florina Valentina

I am Voluptuous Florina, I am a masterpiece of sexual engineering. My body is the ultimate sex-playground for you to play in, and the games I like to play are not the ones for little boys, I like to play all the kinky games you like to play. I love having you in all my holes and I love to feel you all over my soft smooth body. After you make love to me for the first time you will never want to make love to anyone else ever again. I am ready to take you to erotic paradise. I hope you will make me yours, kisses...

Weight  7.9 lbs  3.6 kg
Lenght  5ft 2in  157 cm
Bust  50 inch  127 cm
Waist  27 inch  68 cm
Hip  43 inch  109 cm

Shipping Weight: 16 LBS

Price: 399 US DOLLARS + shipping & handling
Ships out in 1-3 business days

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