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When you buy a Valentina Girl the following items are included:

- 1 Valentina Girl Sexdoll. She is vacuum packed to take less space during shipping and will swell up her normal size after unpacking.

- 1 Wig of your choice. After we receive your order we will email you and ask you which wig you prefer. If we don't hear from you in time we will include the wig your doll is pictured with.

- 1 Fleshlight to insert into your Valentina Girl. The exact model varies, but usually a "Lady Lager" or "Flight"


Masturbators such as Fleshlights or similar can be inserted into the vaginal opening.

To use a masturbator in the anus, insert it through the vagina and slide it down into place.

To use two masturbators at once, one in the anus and one in the vagina, first insert the one for the anus and then the one for the vagina. The cavity can hold two Fleshlight sized masturbators at once.

In these examples we have used a Fleshlight Lotus and a Fleshlight Flight. The Lotus is a quite large masturbator and as you can see it fits well. The Flight has a neutral appearance and looks good in the anus. Of course you can use any masturbators you want in your Valentina Girl.

A masturbator such as a Fleshlight can be inserted into the mouth-hole from behind the head.

Here we have used a Fleshlight Flight due due its neutral appearance, but you can use almost any masturbator. The cavity is large enough to hold a full-size Fleshlight.


The Valentina Girls come in two basic sizes. 5'2" - 157cm and 5'10" - 177cm. Within those sizes they come in a number of bodystyles with different size breasts, different hip size, thicker or slimmer thighs, etc..

If you want different dimensions on your doll than any of the standard models we can customize your doll for you.


The material of the dolls is a very soft fleece and is incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch.


Valentina Girls have detailed and beautiful hands and feet.


Inside each doll is a firm inner core. The inner core is made of a stiffer fabric than the soft outside and is stuffed very tight, it is about as firm as a tennis ball. The inner core is springy and maintains the position of the doll while being flexible to allow for the right amount of movement and backwards force. We've put a large amount of work into the design of the inner core to ensure it is optimal and perfect.


Storing your Valentina Girl is easy! She fits very comfortably in an average suitcase. You can also quite easily squeeze her into a carry-on suitcase for compact storage.


The Valentina Girls can support themselves in a variety of positions thanks to their firm internal core. The firm internal core makes the Valentina Girls perfectly firm-jointed while still flexible and soft and pleasant to touch. There is no limit to what a Valentina Girl can do sexually. She can do much more than any real woman can!

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