Customize the Body of your Valentina Girl

Customizing your doll usually adds about 0-150% to the price depending on the level of customization and takes about 1 - 3 weeks extra. If you want a doll that combines features of standard dolls there is no extra charge, but it takes a few days extra. For example if you want a doll with Palomina's big tummy, Melina's behind, and Catalina's tits that would cost the same as a standard doll. Custom jobs that cost more and take longer are those that call for taller dolls than the standard 157cm (5 foot 2inch) dolls, or have wider dimensions than the widest standard doll Palomina. Custom dolls that are within the standard doll's sizes are both faster and cheaper to customize. For a custom quote please email us at

The following items can be customized:

Height can be adjusted from 4'11'' (150cm) and up. There is no upper limit on height. Dolls that are shorter than 5'2'' (157cm) must have a bust size of 38'' or larger, and a hip size of 36'' or larger
-Bust Size
Bust size can be from 34'' (85cm) and larger. A 34'' bust is basically a completely flat chest.
The waist can be 13'' (33cm) and larger. The smallest possible 13'' waist is extremely thin, the standard waist size is 26''
-Hip Size
Hip size can be 26'' (66cm) and larger. A hip of 26'' is extremely small, a normal hip size would be considered 32'' and higher.

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