Customize the Body of your Valentina Girl

Customizing your doll usually adds about 20-100% to the price depending on the level of customization and takes about 3 weeks extra. For a custom quote please email us at

The following items can be customized:

Height can be adjusted from 4'11'' (150cm) and up. There is no upper limit on height. Dolls that are shorter than 5'2'' (157cm) must have a bust size of 38'' or larger, and a hip size of 36'' or larger
-Bust Size
Bust size can be from 34'' (85cm) and larger. A 34'' bust is basically a completely flat chest.
The waist can be 13'' (33cm) and larger. The smallest possible 13'' waist is extremely thin, the standard waist size is 26''
-Hip Size
Hip size can be 26'' (66cm) and larger. A hip of 26'' is extremely small, a normal hip size would be considered 32'' and higher.

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