If you are looking for a special deal, look no further! Here you will find left over discontiued dolls at bargain prices.

1st generation Giorgina with old Super Core $ 349

This is an old left over 1st generation Giorgina. She is perfect if you are looking for a tall slim doll. This Giorgina has an older model Super core. It's the same as the current Super Core but the legs have PVC "bones". It has all the great properties of the current Super Model but her leg bones are harder.

1st Generation Body of Melina - Hyper Body (HEAD NOT INCLUDED) $ 399

Perfect if you have a TPE head from an old TPE doll and you want to give her a body you can actually have sex with. If you buy a 2nd generation head with this body we can attach it to her for you at no charge to make it a ''regular'' hyper Melina. The skin tone of the 1st and 2nd generation are slightly different so it won't be a perfect color match, but still a perfect hyper doll!

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