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Meet the Valentina Girls!

- Great Sex When and How You Want It

- Lifetime Warranty

So you don't have a lady and you're longing for some really good sex, look no further!

The Valentina Girls line of plush sexdolls was developed to be the best possible sex-partner you can have if you don't have a real-life lady. Sure, she's not as realistic looking as a high end silicone doll, but that was never our intention. Our intention was to create the perfect sexdoll in respect to the quality of the sex. Every aspect of the Valentina Girls have been optimized for the best possible sexual experience, no compromises have been made, none!
A Valentina Girl plush sexdolls is light and nimble at the same time as she is the size of a real woman. You can bounce her around effortlessly and switch her position at a whim.

We ship dolls world-wide to lonely guys everywhere, and we are ready to ship yours today!

All our dolls are covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Look at our collection of girls and see which one you like the most.

Florina Valentina
Florina Valentina is the shapeliest of the Valentina Girls. She is wonderfully voluptuous with gigantic breasts and a nice big round behind.

Catalina Valentina
Catalina has a very naturally proportioned body with breasts the size of a well shaped real woman.

Melina Valentina
Melina Valentina has the perfect body. Her breasts are as large as breast usually get on a real woman.

Angelina Valentina
At 5 foot 10 inches Angelina Valentina is taller than the other Valentina Girls. She has very nice curves and a pair of wonderfully shaped breasts.

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